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Board of Directors

The Company has established its corporate governance system in accordance with the provisions of the Securities Exchange Law of Taiwan and relevant laws and regulations.  The main principles to be followed by corporate governance are protection of shareholders’ rights, reinforcement of the duties of the Board of Directors, respect for the interests of related parties and improvement of information transparency.

The Company implements a fair and open procedure for the selection of its directors.  The Company also has external directors in order to reinforce the management and supervision mechanism of the Board of Directors.  Further, the Company follows the principles of correctness, timeliness and fair disclosure to establish a complete information disclosure system and provide various information related to the business, finance, Board of Directors and Shareholders’ Meetings on the website of the Company as well as on the public information online reporting system of the Securities Exchange Commission in order to ensure that the latest information related to the Company is available to its shareholders.

  Board of Directors

All members of the Board of Directors of the Company have the obligation to engage in business faithfully and with due care as good administrators and shall exercise their duties with a high level of self-discipline and a prudent attitude.  Among the directors, elected external directors shall exercise their duties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations as well as the provisions of the articles of association of the Company in order to maintain the interests of the Company and the shareholders.  The elected Audit Committee shall also exercise their functions in order to reinforce the risk management and financial and operational control of the Company.  In order to achieve the objective of corporate governance, the main duties of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of the Company are:

‧Establishment of a valid and appropriate internal control system
‧Selection and supervision of managers
‧Review of Company’s management decisions and operational plans
‧Review of the Company’s financial targets and supervision of the Company’s     operational results
‧Supervision and handling of risks faced by the Company and assurance of the     Company’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations
‧Planning the Company’s future development directions
‧Establishment and maintenance of the Company’s image and fulfillment of     social responsibilities
‧Selection of experts such as accountants and attorneys