Major Internal Policies

The Company has established a complete information disclosure system that includes important internal regulations of the Company for the investors’ understanding of the Company’s governance system.

Employee Code of Ethics 9.38 mb 2020-12-18
Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles 583.16 kb 2021-12-23
Management of the Prevention of Insider Trading 1.48 mb 2020-12-18
Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles 11.56 mb 2020-12-18
Articles of Remuneration Committee 96.27 kb 2016-08-31
Articles of Audit Committee 503.51 kb 2017-11-14
Guarantee Policy 110.45 kb 2019-06-11
Lending Policy 112.80 kb 2019-06-11
Security Policy 700.23 kb 2020-03-09
Risk Management Policies 7.82 mb 2020-12-18
Supplier and Contractor Management 415.40 kb 2021-12-23
Procedures Governing the Acquisition and Disposition of Assets 225.55 kb 2022-06-14
Articles of Association 234.62 kb 2023-06-16

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