Succession planning for board members and important management

The Board will adopt a candidate nomination process for the election of directors, with which the duration of term for all Directors is three (3) years. The election of directors shall be handled in accordance with the Company's "Director Election Measures", unless otherwise provided by laws or regulations.


The selection of directors of the company should consider the overall configuration of the board of directors, and the composition of directors should consider diversification, and develop appropriate diversification policies based on their own operations, operating types and development needs. As for independent directors, they must have work experience required for business, legal affairs, finance, accounting, or company business. The company will appoint independent directors in accordance with law to strengthen corporate governance.


The members of the board should generally possess the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary to perform their duties, and the overall capabilities should be as follows:

  • Operational judgment
  • Accounting and financial analysis capabilities
  • Operation and management capabilities
  • Operation and management capabilities
  • Industry knowledge
  • International market outlook
  • Leadership
  • Decision-making ability


The company plans the succession of directors in the following ways:

  • The current director recommends suitable candidates.
  • Director candidates recommended by shareholders.
  • Based on the board's performance evaluation results, as a reference for re-appointment.


In order to strengthen the effectiveness of the directors in performing their functions, the company will keep pace with the times, refer to changes in the internal and external environmental conditions and development needs of the company at any time, select and arrange appropriate refresher courses, and enhance the professional knowledge of directors.



Employees of the company's "Division Head" and above are regarded as important management levels and a management agent mechanism has been established. Usually, by performing different project tasks, regular reading sessions and training courses, management knowledge, management skills and management leadership skills are cultivated. Improve the quality of employees and cultivate multi-faceted management talents to facilitate inheritance.

In addition, the company still uses the existing performance appraisal system and employee job rotation development plan to evaluate and review the company's suitable successors in different functions in the future to facilitate the company's future development. In addition to retaining talents, the company also recruits outstanding talents externally, and uses internal and external talent pooling to increase the breadth and depth of the company's successors..

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