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ALi Corporation Subsidiary Xsail Technology Co., Ltd. Launch Smart Voice Control SoC, Driving Business Opportunity under COVID-19 Outbreak

Taipei, Zuhai – March 16th , 2020 – ALi Corporation, a leading Set-Top Box chipset provider whose subsidiary Xsail Technology CO., Ltd. proudly announced that the company launched new AI chipset, G1 with advantages of low power and cost-effective which can be applicable to all kinds of home appliances with voice control. New business opportunity under COVID-19 outbreak, contactless smart products are rapidly spreading into the market.



Xsail developed its own proprietary Edge Voice Process Unit (EVPU) in G1 for NN (Neural Network) based voice recognition, with that, various home appliances can be controlled by online/offline voice and voiceprint. The optimized voice pre-processing technology also supports noise-reduction, echo cancellation and beam forming in order to keep a good recognition rate under different complex circumstances. The offline voice control module of G1 is generally being used to many smart products, multiple languages can be supported in offline mode, Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Hindi etc.


G1 also includes high performance dual core CPU that can support Linux and RTOS. Moreover, it can also support the playback of various audio formats, security encryption/secure boot, LED display and all kinds of control interfaces. It’s a wide range of applications in diverse fields; also offer a competitive price in the market.


“Our audio SoC is a leading position in the market, AI voice recognition also developed for a long time.” said Michael Xie, CEO of Xsail. “At this moment, the COVID-19 is changing human lifestyle and driving contactless smart products to become a trend in the market. G1 launched is a timing of containment business opportunity. We will expand our development into voice control SoC to apply in diverse fields and realize Indoor Enlightenment vision with ALi Corp.“



About ALi Corporation

Founded in 1987, ALi Corporation (TWSE: 3041) is a leading System-on-Chip design company for digital multimedia. We are devoted to providing a total solution featuring security, price-performance, high integration of hardware and software, and low power consumption. We rank among the three leading vendors of payTV and retail set-top-box market and are a worldwide leader in the field of multimedia audio chipset. ALi Corp. successfully developed our own operating system; our mature process technologies enabled us to support the integration of heterogeneous architecture and the design of acceleration platform with software and hardware compatibility. Moreover, the cooperation with the mainstream Conditional Access System (CAS) venders made us capable of highly penetrating the ecosystem of payTV and retail globally, providing the value-added multimedia services for hundreds of operators with superior security protection.

In 2019, with the enterprise spirit to pursue innovation and excellence, ALi Corp. launched an intelligent computing platform “ALiIN” for wise indoor applications based on our core competences of existing IP portfolios and security technologies as well as our innovative approach of the self-developed AI neural network processing engine. We developed three turnkey solutions including the platforms of smart display, smart mobility and smart voice. ALi Corp.’s solutions optimize the original industry value chain and make contributions to intellectualizing the life of smart home, office, factory, etc., and help our partners go to the markets quickly and effectively. Our current products include the mirror dongles, pico projectors, robot vacuum cleaners (RVC) and the various home appliances with voice control, which are already certified by well-known brand customers. To embrace the coming age of 5G, Internet of things, and big data, we will incorporate a cloud-channel-device framework into our“ALiIN”platform. By developing comprehensive synergies between our products, ALi Corp. will be able to provide the one-stop integration service for the chip, front-end, algorithm and platform, initiating the great indoor living with light intelligence through our fast and friendly innovation momentum.


About Xsail Technology Co., Ltd.

Xsail Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the AI chipset design. Established in December 2018, the founding team is separated from the AI division of ALi Corporation. ALi Corp is also the major shareholder of Xsail. Adhering to the vision of “Bring Technology to Life” of ALi Corp, Xsail focus on providing cost-effective AI SoC and complete software solution to the market.


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