Career at ALi

Training and development

ALi has established a complete training system through which personalized learning and training programs can be developed. On-job and off-job training can help each individual employee grow and enhance professional skills. Diverse learning channels including both online and offline resources enable continuous learning so that ALi employees can build up self-worth and competitive edge.

ALi implements a mentor system wherein each new employee is assigned a senior co-worker as his/her mentor. The mentoring as well as friendship will help the new employee quickly adapt to ALi’s workplace and culture and offer guidance and advice related to work.

Annual training programs are planned and implemented based on the company’s strategic goals each year. A range of physical training courses encompassing professional and management classes are held to systematically and efficiently raise employees’ professional skills.

ALi builds a complete learning platform and KM system for employees to continue learning online anytime, anywhere. Physical and online courses provide multiple ways to enable immersive learning.

ALi works in partnerships with third party research organizations to enable opportunities for employees to communicate or collaborate with and benefit from external partners.


Career development

ALi has established a flexible dual-track career development system for employees to plan his/her own career development. The tracks include development for management positions and professional/technological positions. Development for management positions focuses on leadership and broadening vision. Development for professional/technological positions focuses on gaining in-depth understanding on professional knowledge and technological trend.



ALi implements a key talent program, through which potential outstanding talents are discovered and are provided with training resources and job rotations to broaden their experiences and skills so that they can become future ALi leaders.

Newly appointed supervisors are offered a series of training programs to help bring them up to speed so that they can timely make contributions.

Overseas job opportunities are available for employees to show what they are capable of, broaden their views, and enhance both the employee’s and the company’s competitive edge.

Employees work with colleagues from various fields through different project assignments, which will enrich their work experiences and boost their contribution to the team.




ALi has a complete patent system that encourages employees to innovate by providing incentives for employees who submit patent applications and/or whose patents are granted. The system offers an additional way for employees to share the innovations, know-hows and solutions to problems found at work and also to keep a record thereof.


Book reading

Book reading sessions are held for employees to share opinions and pass on knowledge. Through the communication, employees can broaden their vision and learn from one another.


Library resources

ALi provides abundant library resources and a library circulation system to encourage continuous learning. New books are purchased on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis for employees to freely access.

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